Express Hire – Migration from G-Suite to Microsoft 365

The Project

Express Hire were experiencing problems with the G-Suite software they were using, finding it over complicated for their needs. They also found the email platform limiting, calendar sharing unreliable and the file syncing was not working well in their limited internet bandwidth environment. Our expert consultants at Treken suggested switching to Microsoft 365 for their data and email capabilities.
They also wanted to upgrade their existing computers, so we suggested installing Windows 10 across all machines in order to give them a platform that supports the latest technology and software so they can stay ahead of the competition. 

What we achieved

Express Hire suffer from poor internet speeds due to their location, so we took this into account with the migration from G-Suite to Microsoft 365 to ensure efficiency is maximised long term. Indeed, to make sure we completed the conversation as quickly as possible, we took their data offsite to migrate it into Microsoft 365 via a much faster internet connection. 

Our client reported an immediate improvement with their user experience, particularly with sharing calendar information and the email platform across all their devices. 

We also upgraded old laptops to Windows 10 with SSDs retro-fitted, bringing them back to ‘as new’ performance with all the new features of Windows 10 and Microsoft 365.

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