Bartlett Contractors - Full IT Infrastructure Overhaul

They’d been completing essential civil engineering projects throughout the pandemic and had been struggling with working remotely and accessing their IT network while on site.  

Their old system, which consisted of an on-premise server and VPN access, was slow, clunky, and unsecure. They were also working from Windows 7 laptops and computers. With Windows 7 approaching end of life, they’d no longer receive essential security and software updates. This meant they would be putting their entire IT infrastructure at risk from malware and cyber-attacks.

Treken took an holistic approach to updating Bartlett Contractors’ IT system, and completed the following:  

Migrating data from their on-premise server to cloud-based data storage

The on-premise server was making it difficult for the team to access the IT network while out of the office, so we decided to migrate their data to a cloud-based data storage solution. Cloud-based data storage is secure, and means they can access their data just as easily at home or on site as they can in the office.

We migrated their data to Microsoft 365 SharePoint and OneDrive for Business. To do this, we had to move their on-premise server to an area with a faster internet connection – as the internet connection at their office was too slow for a fast and efficient migration.

Supplying laptops with Windows 10 operating system

With Windows 7 being end of life, employee laptops and computers would no longer receive critical security and software updates, putting their IT system at risk from malware and cyber-attacks. We supplied Bartlett Contractors with laptops and computers installed with Windows 10, so they’d continue to receive all the critical software and security updates required to keep their IT network secure. We also configured the machines for the new infrastructure.

Installing leading security, device management, and project management software

To complete Bartlett Contractors’ IT update, we installed additional security, device management, and project management software.  BitLocker was installed to protect and encrypt all data stored on their new cloud-based data storage system. It also gives IT personnel the ability to wipe all data in the event of a cyber-attack, and ensures the data centre can only be accessed with multi-factor authentication.

InTune was installed to enable IT personnel to manage how company devices and connected devices are used, while Microsoft Project was installed so project managers have access to sophisticated and fully comprehensive management software to oversee all future Bartlett Contractors projects.

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