Branksome Park Care Centre – WiFi Rollout

Treken have worked with Branksome Park Care Centre for over 10 years, supplying all IT support services they have required, plus all Dell desktop hardware, network switches, internet connectivity etc.

Branksome Park Care Centre Wifi Rollout

One problematic area for the otherwise fantastic and very well-presented building has always been a lack of network points throughout – restricting options for installing wireless access points or other network equipment.

In 2014 we quoted to implement a managed wireless network across the entire 60 bedroom site. But at that time the cost outweighed the benefits for the client.

However, in 2018 we revisited the idea from scratch. WiFi has become an expected part of life for many capable people living in care, and many applications exist now to improve efficiency for staff and owners of care homes (e.g. for managing medication and individual needs) but all rely on a WiFi network being available around the site.

Branksome Park Care Centre decided to invest in our newly proposed solution to roll out a secure WiFi network covering all rooms, communal areas and offices.

The rollout was a complex one due to the nature and restrictions of the building. We ran dedicated CAT6 cables to each wireless access point to ensure maximum performance. All cables terminate in a central location and connect to a new managed network switch. As per the clients’ request - every network cable was hidden from sight along the various routes and corridors, by installing small hatches (where necessary) into the ceiling voids to allow for the cable runs needed. Even the wireless access points themselves fit in with the clean and very presentable environment.

We used Ubiquiti dual-band wireless access points, incorporating the latest and fastest 802.11ac wireless (up to 1300Mbps speed). Therefore offering compatibility for any device wishing to connect, and the fastest possible speeds for those devices capable of it. At the backbone are Ubiquiti managed network switches offering fantastic performance and configuration flexibility.

The end result is excellent WiFi coverage throughout the entire building. Multiple, and securely separate, wireless networks exist for the various requirements. Including a free service for the residents to use – now able to video call their families and friends from their rooms or stream the latest TV/movies!