VoIP Phone System - Three Companies in Bournemouth

The project

We were tasked by joint companies eLearning For You, The Bucks Group and Affinity Care Management located in Bournemouth to replace their VoIP phone system. They had been experiencing major issues whilst using their original system, with calls dropping, handsets spontaneously rebooting and a lack of up to date integration features. They also hoped we could provide them with a more cost-effective alternative, as their running costs were very high.

What we achieved for the client

To ensure that the client got exactly what they needed from their new VoIP phone system, we set up complex call routing and queuing parameters to ensure that their customers receive a high-quality service when phoning the helpdesk. This included implementation of a new call-back feature.

We also created new wall boards to showcase call statistics on large TV screens, set up softphones to allow easier remote working and integrated SalesForce to give every employee a shared platform to work from.

New headsets were provided for staff to use and software across all PCs was updated to integrate with the new phone system (e.g. pop ups to show who’s calling, click to dial). Ensuring a smooth transition from old to new VoIP phone system was essential to ensure no calls were missed during downtime and we provided the team with full training on how to use their new VoIP phone system to the best effect.

Client feedback

“We would highly recommend the VoIP solution provided by Treken to any company! Having had issues with our previous phone system/provider, Treken were our first port of call when we decided to upgrade our system to something a lot more user friendly and reliable. 

“We previously had a number of issues with lines dropping mid call, phones freezing etc and as a company who receive a high volume of customer calls, we needed a system we could trust to enable us to deliver high levels of customer service to our clients.
“We’ve already had a great response from both clients and internal staff now that our new and improved system is up and running. The VoIP system Treken have provided us gives us the ability to manage multiple call queues to three companies with ease. We can easily run custom reports to track incoming and outgoing call volumes ourselves which has been very helpful for our managers to get an idea of call volumes and the wall board system is great. 

“We’ve also found the ability to listen into live calls really helpful and an amazing feature for managers when training new staff in taking customer calls. Our field-based sales staff can use the app alongside the system, so they are now able to call staff based at our head office directly on their extensions and can easily see if someone is free or busy.
“Overall, a massive improvement and a system that is very user friendly! We are looking forward to integrating SalesForce as well which will save our Telesales department a lot of time when making sales calls!
“Thanks to Ken, Trevor and all of the team at Treken who have been so helpful and friendly in teaching all staff here how to use the new system!”

- Kat Hough / Group Office Manager