Case Study: Salterns Marina WiFi


The Project

The team at Salterns Marina got in contact with us to investigate and survey for an upgraded WiFi system around the Marina, including improved coverage for the 300+ berth spaces for boats. The existing installation, at 7 years old, was starting to become unreliable and outdated – in terms of both hardware and security.

In addition to redesigning the outdoor coverage, we were asked to provide new or upgraded WiFi coverage to the various internal spaces at the Marina, including offices, workshops and outbuildings.

A marina is a different challenge compared to most environments that we have worked in at Treken, providing a number of unique challenges that our team had to overcome.

Sea air, wind and rain are ever-present in some form, while the area is subjected to generally stronger weather systems. This meant that providing our usual high standard of service was essential, ensuring the installation is both hardy and reliable.

As part of the network upgrades, we also recommended an upgrade to the network switches with more powerful and up to date equipment. We also gave a boost to some of the core network links by increasing capacity from a 1Gbps to a 10Gbps connection.

What we achieved for the client

To ensure the highest performance and reliability possible, we chose to hard-wire a majority of the external access points using super-strong armored network cable – helping to minimise the impact of the elements on wireless connectivity for Salterns staff and clients.

Part of this process was taking into account the movement of pontoons with the tide, making sure this didn’t cause any breakages.

In terms of the WiFi system hardware, we installed Ubiquiti UniFi units throughout the site – with small UniFi Flex switches in weatherproof boxes on the pontoons, to ensure the various wireless access points were all connected.

Old Netgear switches were replaced with new and improved Layer 3 UniFi models, utilising the existing fibre network connections between buildings and upgrading to 10Gbps where possible.

Having provided new connectivity across the whole marina site, we moved on to security – with Salterns concerned about unauthorised access and outdated protocols due to the old equipment.

To tackle security, we created dedicated networks for the different groups of users using the WiFi – one for company use, one for staff use and another as a guest portal for berth holders and visitors. This allowed us to optimise the experience according to the needs of each group.

The clients also reported much faster performance throughout the company buildings – this was due to the Treken team installing wireless access points in better, strategic locations, meaning more users could benefit from brand new 5Ghz Wi-Fi, leading to reduced congestion and faster loading times.

As an addition to the network project brief, we were asked to replace the CCTV camera overlooking the marina entrance which was outdated and failing. We replaced this with a new, modern IP CCTV camera.

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