Parkstone Yacht Club – New Clubhouse

The Project

Treken have worked with Parkstone Yacht Club since June 2015, initially brought in to stabilise the network infrastructure, implement fully managed server support and to offer a professional support service for users.   In late 2015, preparation work began to facilitate the IT requirements of the new Clubhouse – a huge investment by the Club, and very much anticipated new building and functions by the members…

What we achieved

The first stage of the project was to relocate several critical communication and IT services which were based in a section of the original Clubhouse due to be demolished at an early stage to make way for the new build.  This had to be carried out with minimal disruption to business, so that the club could continue to function as normal for the maximum amount of time.

Treken also implemented new WiFi for the marina, so that club members could use the WiFi service on their boats.  We chose products which would withstand the varied and sometimes harsh outdoor environment, whilst offering a reliable service to those using WiFi all year round.  This new setup would later need to be incorporated with the new Clubhouse WiFi.

Having attended all necessary meetings and planned the IT and Comms functions required in the new Clubhouse, the following functions were successfully delivered between mid-2017 and the Clubhouse opening in March 2018.

  • Hosted VoIP telephone system – Treken migrated Parkstone Yacht club to a new VoIP system ahead of them moving into the new Clubhouse.  This would give them the flexibility required during the move/transition period, increased functionality, and a reduction in costs.  Yealink handsets were selected and used throughout.
  • Rollout of new Dell Optiplex PCs – all desktop PCs and laptops were replaced by new Optiplex PCs and Latitude laptops, running the very latest Windows 10 Pro.  All built with the same standards to ensure continuity across the network.  Additional applications installed by our engineers as required.  A managed antivirus solution is used across all machines to ensure secure file and web access at all times.
  • Migration to Microsoft 365 – Treken migrated the existing on-premise Exchange solution to Exchange Online, and installed the Microsoft 365 2016 apps on all the new Dell hardware to ensure standardisation across the PCs and laptops.  
  • Managed WiFi – Treken very successfully rolled out a new Ubiquiti based wireless network across the entire new site.  We selected dual-band products that will be compatible with any client hardware, as well as offering the very latest 802.11ac (up to 1300Mbps) performance for those devices that can make use of it.  The WiFi network allows for secure office network access from anywhere, as well as free internet access for Club members.  A walk-around exercise after going live revealed that in any part of the new Clubhouse, users will get an excellent WiFi signal!  We later incorporated the marina WiFi access points, so that everything is now manageable from a single location.
  • EPOS – Treken suppled and installed numerous new Hewlett Packard EPOS terminals to accommodate the additional requirements in the new Clubhouse.  Together with Epson receipt and kitchen printers.
  • The Move – Our engineers ensured a smooth transition for the staff of Parkstone Yacht Club as they got used to their new working environment.  We planned careful use of some temporary links between old and new buildings to allow a parallel run of both sites for a period of time.  We were there to move PC, printer, phone and EPOS hardware to the new site and desks, and to ensure that all users had everything they needed from an IT and comms perspective.  We also assisted with some new functions in the Clubhouse such as digital signage setup.

We wish Parkstone Yacht Club staff and members many happy years in their new home!

Customer Comment

"Trevor and his team at Treken have supported us fully at every step of the way during this complex project. The planning and execution has been first class and this has resulted in a seamless transition to the new building with complete business continuity and no unplanned downtime.

Everything has been done to provide us with the best value and done to a very high and professional standard.

My Members have been very impressed with how smoothly the systems have been implemented.

Thank you Treken for your continued support"

Paul Jennings (General Manager)
Parkstone Yacht Club