Point-to-point Wireless Link Installation for Burns Hamilton

To address their ongoing connectivity issues, Treken installed a point-to-point wireless link for property management specialists Burns Hamilton and their two buildings in Bournemouth. 

The issue that needed solving

With the buildings separated by approximately 65 metres and in clear view of each other, Burns Hamilton were suffering with a painfully slow VPN connection between the two sites. This caused many business limitations, including employee performance, as they were restricted in terms of how and where they could work.

Our solution

We decided to install Ubiquiti Gigabeam equipment because we deemed it to be the optimal connectivity solution for Burns Hamilton. The Ubiquiti Gigabeam is renowned for low interference (due to the clear line of sight needed between access point and station) and high throughput connectivity, which can exceed 1GBps – more than enough internet speed for Burns Hamilton’s staff to conduct their daily business activities.

By installing the wireless link, Burns Hamilton realised considerable cost savings due to the efficiency of only requiring one broadband connection between the two buildings (as opposed to the previous uneconomical situation of having two broadband connections, one in each building).

What’s more, our wireless connection solution also allows for VLAN segmentation and separation, giving Burns Hamilton the option of separating the two buildings’ networks should they wish to do so.