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A guest WiFi network is a separate access wireless network from the one you might use for your business/offices, specifically set up for guests. In business, guest WiFi is extremely common; you see and use it all the time in cafes, restaurants, hotels and offices. In the hospitality sector, the offer of free WiFi can be a major draw for your customers, allowing them to browse the internet and work productively whether enjoying lunch and a coffee or staying overnight.

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Safer and more secure

Network segmentation means that you don’t have to give visitors access to the network used by your business for day-to-day work. You don’t have to worry about them accessing confidential files and resources. Guest WiFi can also be set up to block potentially harmful websites, so you can rest assured that your network isn’t being mishandled. 

Build customer loyalty

Internet access is something that most customers now expect as standard, and if you don’t provide it, they could go to your competitors. It is therefore important that businesses, especially in the hospitality sector, are able to meet their customers’ needs with Guest WiFi. You can also use it to build your online presence by requesting that people ‘like’ your page on Facebook before allowing them access to the network.


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Whether you are starting from scratch and require complete wireless network implementation or simply want to expand your current network, our expert team can help. We provide a complete solution to all your Guest WiFi requirements, from installation and testing to ongoing managed support. As a local company based in Poole, Dorset, we are able to quickly respond to faults and get you back online as quickly as possible.

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