5 Reasons Your Small Business Should Be Using Microsoft 365

1.) It provides a secure way to store data

OneDrive is part of the Microsoft 365 package and offers up to 1TB of safe, secure storage for your company’s important data. Not only does this give you peace of mind that your files are backed up at all times, but it also offers an easy means of collaboration. Files can be shared and collaborated on Microsoft apps in real time and from any compatible device, meaning it’s never been quicker or easier to work on projects together.

2.) It offers tools to keep your company safe

Cyberattacks are one of the greatest threats to your business. That’s why it’s important to have robust protection measures in place.

Microsoft offers a very high level of protection for its products, mainly through Microsoft Defender. Through Microsoft Outlook, emails are protected against a wide range of cybersecurity threats, including malware, viruses, phishing, ransomware, and spam in general. 

Files and other business information can have integrated password protection, and you can set prompts in place to remind users in your network to change their passwords on a regular basis. For additional protection of your files and data, you can also restrict the copying or saving of important information to third-party apps. You’ll even have the ability to remotely wipe compromised files or databases, in the event of a breach. 

3.) It takes the hassle out of licensing 

It can be expensive and tricky to navigate multiple software licenses, especially if only a few members of your team require certain types of software. If you’re finding it hard to justify the expense of licensing different software packages across your organisation, Microsoft 365 could be the ideal solution. 
With Microsoft 365, one single license fee covers all the different software solutions provided by the platform. A one-off payment is much easier to manage and account for in the budget, and you won’t have to worry about wasting money on software that isn’t being used – it all comes as standard. 

4.) It’s great for keeping your teams connected

The world of work has changed drastically in recent years, and many workplaces have adopted the remote or hybrid working model. With staff now potentially scattered across the country (if not globally), Microsoft 365’s tools for simple, real-time collaboration are more valuable than ever. Not only that, but Microsoft Teams (included in the Microsoft 365 Business package) allows users to collaborate on files in real time, and host conference and video calls. 

With Microsoft Sharepoint, you can take collaboration to the next level by creating intranet sites to showcase work internally. Microsoft 365 is also renowned for its accessibility, offering both web and mobile versions of its core apps. This allows users to work on projects from anywhere, on the device of their choosing – talk about convenience! 

Now more than ever, tools for collaboration and effective communication are vital to the success of any business. 

5.) It includes a whole host of market-leading software…

Microsoft 365 is home to Word, a market-leading word processor. Because Word is so widely used, the majority of your staff are likely to already be familiar with it. Included in Word’s array of useful features and functionality is the ability to add comments.

This makes it easy to collaborate or request changes to a document without having to create a new version of it each time. 
Tools like Excel and Powerpoint are also widely used and offer the useful functionality your business needs. 

 … And the best-known email client in the business

Microsoft Outlook, perhaps one of the most well-known email clients out there, comes as standard with Microsoft 365. It can be paired with Microsoft Exchange, a business-focused email server that provides a 50GB mailbox, cloud-based management, a custom domain name, prioritised mail facilities, automated and synced calendars, and secure email delivery. 

Think Microsoft 365 is the right choice for your small business?

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