Eco-conscious companies can now track their emissions with the help of Microsoft 365

Microsoft has released a feature called the Emissions Impact Dashboard, as part of its continuing effort to help companies track their emissions.

About the Emissions Impact Dashboard for Microsoft 365

Back in October 2021, the dashboard was added to Azure, allowing customers to track emissions from their cloud usage. Now, it’s coming to Microsoft 365, making its functionality available to a much wider audience.

Businesses will have the chance to monitor the greenhouse gas emissions associated with their usage of OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange Online, and Microsoft Teams. In a post-pandemic world where more and more businesses are moving to the cloud, and remote workers rely on tools like Microsoft Teams for a large chunk of their daily communication, the ability to quantify the emissions created by using such technology is extremely valuable – especially for more environmentally conscious companies.

Microsoft has said that, over time, more apps will be added to those monitored by the Emissions Impact Dashboard.

The environmental impact of our shift to the cloud

Though it’s hard to imagine that something as intangible as the cloud could have a real economic and environmental impact, there is a huge cost associated with running businesses online. In fact, data centres are among the most resource-hungry facilities in operation across the globe.

Microsoft’s decision to give Azure and 365 customers the opportunity to keep a close eye on their carbon emissions is a positive step towards combatting this environmental impact.

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