Future proof your business with cloud technology

One thing that covid-19 has done is speed up innovation within business. Companies from all sectors are having to evaluate their setup and work functions now their physical premises are closed. The result has been a huge a shift towards the adoption of technology, so that workers can be more effective working remotely, and important information can be accessed from anywhere.

Here is how adopting cloud technology can help you future proof your business.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the use of hardware and software delivered via an internet connection. Traditionally, applications would be downloaded onto a device or server stored on the work premises. Naturally, this limits the use of these applications to just your place of work; storing applications and software in the cloud means employees are able to access them through the internet from anywhere. 

Access your data from anywhere

One major issue paper-based companies have encountered during lockdown is the inability for employees to continue working as they would in the office, as they are unable access essential information. Storing your business information within the cloud means that your employees will be able to access the information they need to work as normal from any device.

Increased security

Physical files and folders can go missing or become damaged. Data loss is a significant threat facing businesses today, be it a result of cybercrime or physical misplacement. What’s more, if the device storing your valuable information is damaged or malfunctions, you risk losing everything! 

Companies have a duty according to GDPR to protect the private data of their staff and customers. Cloud computing ensures that your data is fully secure and backed up in the case of a malfunction or hacking attempt.

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