How can home working pose a cyber security risk?

Remote working poses challenges to firms of all sizes, not just in terms of infrastructure but cyber security as well. The experts at Treken explain. 

Cyber security and home working – what are the risks?

Personal devices

One of the main risk factors of employees working from home occurs when firms aren’t able to provide suitable company equipment for staff to carry out their work. When staff have to use their personal devices to connect to the company network, it becomes harder to mitigate risk. This is because personal devices can be used by any number of people to access potentially unsafe content from sites that would normally be on the company deny list.

It’s always advised that employees be provided with a company laptop, however smaller firms may not necessarily have the resources to do this. The benefit of providing staff with a dedicated work computer is that it can be controlled and configured by the company, with the necessary safety measures and security tools in place. 

Human error

Even once the necessary steps have been taken and a virtual private network (VPN) has been set up to allow for secure and encrypted connection to the company servers, there is still the danger of staff falling victim to phishing scams and other attacks.

The pandemic has created a massive surge in COVID related scams, such as messages that appear to come from trusted sources like the NHS. For this reason, proper cyber security training for staff is essential. It’s definitely in companies’ best interests to make sure their staff know what to look out for, so they don’t fall prey to malicious attacks.

How Treken can help your company stay safe

We provide comprehensive cyber security services, to keep your company and employees safe while working remotely. We can help with antivirus, setting up secure remote access, automatic updates and patching, and even provide Cyber Essentials training to help you implement effective security measures. We can also provide support with cloud backups, to help keep your data safe. With expert managed IT and cyber security services from Treken, you can mitigate the risks associated with remote working.  

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