How Microsoft is adapting to support front-line workers

Microsoft recently unveiled a host of new features for Teams aimed at supporting front-line workers, mainly in the retail industry.

Additional functionality on the go

Front-line workers typically spend less time behind a desk and are more likely to be using a phone, rather than a computer, as their main device. Microsoft has created a dedicated Teams subscription for front-line workers, which includes a “push-to-talk” walkie-talkie function for smartphones, a messaging app called Kaizala, and the Shifts app for co-ordinating team schedules.

Recent new features include one that lets management teams create and publish tasks in Microsoft Tasks, the work management app in Teams. This feature can help management to easily create task lists and communicate with staff in other branches. Once tasks are completed, staff can mark them as done on their mobile device.

These new Teams features show that Microsoft has recognised ways to improve the app to better serve people that don’t work in a 9-5 office environment.

Stay connected  

We’ve spoken before about how Microsoft 365 can benefit your business and how it offers far more than just word processing and spreadsheets. Not only does it provide tools that boost productivity and streamline processes, it allows us to stay connected with our colleagues via virtual meetings and instant messaging.

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