Microsoft ending support for Windows 7

As of the 14th January 2020, Microsoft has announced that it will no longer be providing support for Windows 7 on laptops and desktops. That means no more security updates, no more software updates and no more technical support.

Microsoft hopes that their announcement of the Windows 7 End of Life date would cause users to upgrade to Windows 10, and it seems to be working. Microsoft recently announced that they had reached 900 million active devices running Windows 10, with the increase in users attributed to the withdrawal of support for Windows 7 in 2020.

Why is Microsoft no longer providing support for Windows 7?

Windows 7 was first released 10 years ago in 2009. Since then, Microsoft has released Windows 8 (2012) and Windows 10 (2015+) operating systems. It makes little sense from a financial point of view to continue pumping resources into outdated software; in fact, Microsoft ceased mainstream support and add-ons for Windows 7 as far back as 2015.

Can I continue to use Windows 7?

You will still be able to use Windows 7 on your computer after the 14th January, however, as time goes on you leave yourself vulnerable to hacking attempts, viruses and other malware. For the roughly 30% of PC users still running Windows 7, it is therefore worth considering updating to Windows 10 in the near future to ensure better security.

Why should your business update to Windows 10?

Just because you can continue to use Windows 7 doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. The longer you continue to use Windows 7 after the End of Life date, the more chance you have of being taken advantage of by malicious third parties. As a business, the personal data of your employees, clients and customers should be a top priority, so ensure that your computer system is up to date and significantly reduce the risk of a security breach

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