The benefits of remote working 

According to recent findings, more than 4 million people in the UK alone work remotely but is there value in letting employees find their own offices? At Treken, one of the South’s leading providers of IT solutions, our experts have been enabling companies to offer remote working for over 17 years and have seen first-hand the many benefits this has brought. Read on to discover their selection of the best advantages of remote working.

Remote working increases productivity

It makes sense that when you’re in an environment where you feel relaxed and happy, you’re more likely to get more work done. Indeed, this theory has been supported by a recent study that found staff who worked from home consider themselves to be more productive than those who are office based. Home workers rated their productivity to be 7.7/10 while their office-based counterparts put themselves at 6.5/10. What’s more, having remote working capabilities allows employees to work when out on company errands such as meetings and sales calls, boosting productivity even further. 

Reduces sickness 

Remote working gives your staff who aren’t feeling 100% the chance to stay at home and work instead of coming into the office. Not only does this help them recover more quickly, but it also reduces the risk of spreading the sickness and having even more people off. 

Reduce operating costs with remote working 

Allowing your employees to work remotely not only increases productivity and employee happiness, but it can also significantly reduce your overheads. Having fewer people in the workplace means you need less office space and equipment, thus reducing rent, utility bills and other expenses such as tea and coffee. 

Attract the best talent 

With the rise of social media, people have become more and more aware of the perks offered by some of the more successful companies and as a result, these top businesses often attract the best talent. One of the biggest perks nowadays is the ability to work flexibly so companies that embrace remote working are more likely to appeal to and retain the very best people. 

As the number of remote workers is only set to increase, your business needs to make sure it stays ahead of the game. Contact our IT experts at Treken to discuss how we can make your office remote worker friendly by simply submitting our online enquiry form or calling us on 01202 612 333 today.