Your computer and server backup options

Imagine, something has gone wrong with your network and you have lost all your data, files and applications - and you haven’t backed up any of it. What would you do and how would this affect your organisation?

A safe, stable and reliable backup system is absolutely crucial for any business but with a range of backups available on the market, how do you know which one to choose? Our IT experts outline your different options to help you find the right solution for your needs. 

The server and workstation backups

Workstation backups allow you to backup files and data stored on a specific computer, laptop or other workstation, ideal if work isn’t saved to a shared server. A server backup copies and stores files, applications and databases saved on one server/network onto another local or remote server so you can easily recover files in an emergency. 

The full backup

Our full backups, for both physical and virtual servers, store automatic copies of all your files, which are usually compressed to save space. This type of backup is a comprehensive way to ensure you’ll still have access to every single file should something go wrong. As files won’t usually change very much between full backups, you can end up with a lot of duplicate files and as such, this method is usually a more practical option for larger companies or those with very complex and changeable needs. 

The cloud storage backup

Backing up your data to the cloud means transferring the files to a different cloud-based server instead of a hard drive. This service typically backsup new and updated data on your computer and runs automatically in the background, without any input from the user. This method of backup is more secure and more cost-effective than traditional methods and you can tailor it to exactly how you need to use it. It’s worth noting this method relies on an internet connection both for the backup and the recovery. 

The hybrid backup

Hybrid backup allows you to save a copy of your data and files to both a local hard drive and the cloud, giving you an extra layer of protection. What’s more, having both methods of backup means you can quickly restore your files as its much faster to restore from a local device than it is from the cloud. It also gives you peace of mind that should, for whatever reason, your internet connection fail, you’ll still be able to backup and restore your data. 

Does your business have a reliable backup system in place? At Treken, one of the South’s leading IT support and communication providers, we offer a variety of backup systems depending on requirements, to give you peace of mind that your information is safe no matter what. Contact us today on 01202 612333 to find your ideal solution.