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Dell continues to be a strong force on the market, with innovative desktops and laptops that have been designed to make work easier. 

Their most recent line of OptiPlex desktops, along with their Latitude and Precision laptops, present a range of brand-new tools for businesses, aimed at boosting productivity and making your working life easier. 

At Treken, we supply businesses with the best hardware and systems for meeting workload demands, with a selection of Dell products to optimise workflow across all industries. 

Find out about the latest offerings from Dell below, with all models available from Treken for incredible prices. To speak to one of our advisers directly, call us on 01202 612333.


We work hard to provide the best deals to our customers, and this extends to the prices we offer on our Dell products. You’ll find that we always aim to keep our prices lower than those advertised on Dell’s own website, so when you shop at Treken, you know you’re getting the best possible deal on a Dell business PC.

Dell business laptop



OptiPlex Desktops

A streamlined Dell desktop that’s perfect for keeping desks clear, offering a customisable work experience for any work style.

  • Sleek, incredibly compact design – frees up space.
  • All-in-one option for optimum space, or sleek towers for power.
  • Excellent balance between small size and powerful desktop.
  • Built-in intelligent collaboration and security features.
  • Pop-up EMZA webcam (for all-in-ne models only).
  • Tailored to you – custom mounts, stands, configurations etc.
  • A single BIOS for all-in-ones as well as a single BIOS for towers.
  • Upgraded with Dell Optimizer AI software and Intel® vPro management options across the whole family. Models Include: All-in-One Micro Small Form Factor Tower.

Models include:

  • All-in-one
  • Micro
  • Small Form Factor
  • Tower

Latitude Laptops

A laptop that focuses on collaboration, connectivity, and security, with the power to keep up with your versatile workload.

  • Fast memory 
  • High performance with the latest Intel® vPro® processor (and select systems that feature Intel® Evo™ Design).
  • Designed for extended working times – long battery life, ExpressCharge, and smart battery saving features Great security for working anywhere, including optional features such as Onlooker Detection (texturises screen if someone is trying to get a look).
  • Look Away Detect – screen automatically dims if you’re looking elsewhere (good for security and battery).
  • Designed with renewable and recyclable materials for impressive green credentials.  

Models include:

  • 13” screens – 3340, 5340, 7340, 9330 
  • 14” screens – 9440, 3440, 5440, 7440, 5431 
  • 15” screens – 5340, 5540, 7530 
  • 16” screens - 7640 

Precision Laptops

Bringing a creative experience to business and design, this laptop combines a large display with a lightweight build for incredible work that can be achieved anywhere. Perfect for more power-hungry applications such as CAD, 3D modelling, and video work.

  • Focuses on performance, reliability, and user experience.
  • Doesn’t get overloaded - Intel 55W processors, NVIDIA graphics, and innovative thermal designs combine to prevent overheating. System is quiet and runs at peak performance.
  • Great for reliable creativity thanks to ISV-tested and certified applications. 
  • Keep up with modern advances - Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality (VR/AR) in 90 frames-per-second. Also, you can run Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) applications with scalable memory, HD graphics, and CPUs.

Models include:

  • 14” - 5480, 3480, 3470, 5470 
  • 15” - 3580, 3581, 3570, 3571, 5570 
  • 16” - 5680, 7680, 7670 
  • 17” - 7780, 7760, 5770 


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No matter the size of your professional outfit, it’s invaluable to have the right equipment available to yourself and your employees.  

With our range of modern Dell business hardware offering a variety of tools to improve productivity, efficiency, and creativity, we’re sure we can find you the right machines for the job. Plus, with prices that beat Dell’s own website, there's no better place to source your business desktops and laptops. 

For more information about our deals, and to find the best machines for your suite, call us on 01202 612333 or send us a message – we'll get back to you as soon as possible.