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BT have announced that by the end of 2025, the Public Switched Telephone Network will be deactivated across the UK, for every single user. But what does this mean, and how could it affect your business? Read on to find out more, as Treken take a look at the telecoms infrastructure changes coming in 2025.


The PSTN network is the telecoms infrastructure of the 20th century, using copper wires laid underneath our feet to allow the user to open up a communications tunnel between two points upon request.

Having been with us since 1896, in an increasingly digital world, the PSTN network has begun to show its age, as consumers expect far more out of their communications than the old hardware is able to provide. The shutdown will also include ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network), another outdated system that transfers both data and voice over a digital line.

As a result, just as other nations across the globe have already done, BT Openreach will be moving everyone on to IP-based systems that better suit the mobile, internet connectivity-based communications most people rely on today. BT Openreach will stop accepting orders for new PSTN services from 2023, and some BT exchanges have already adopted this policy!

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It’s perfectly understandable if you are slightly confused or concerned, as these are genuinely huge changes that will affect everyone in some way or another, from consumer to business owner. If you have grown up and lived with the PSTN in all its iterations, you might wonder what the new system will be like to work with.

Thankfully, BT aren’t just making the transition for no reason – IP based systems are truly suited to 21st century communication, with significantly more integration allowing you to make calls, video calls, and message from any connected device, with your old reliable phone number as well.

In addition to this, you can now take advantage of cloud-based systems so that you can work wherever and whenever you like.


Many businesses have already taken precautions or steps towards this new IP-based system, by moving all of their operations to the cloud, and reviewing their telecoms infrastructure – for example, does your business have any alarm systems or similar connected to the phone line?

Being ahead of the curve will mean less stress once the time to switch does arrive, while also allowing yourself and your business to acclimatise.

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