Microsoft 365 vs. G Suite – which is best for your business?

If you’re struggling to decide between Microsoft 365 and G Suite, we’re here to help make the decision a little easier by delving into the pros and cons of each option to discover which comes out on top. 

First, let’s start with the similarities. Microsoft 365 and G Suite are both subscription-based services with the same basic core applications that are essential to a modern business’ success, such as word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, email and video conferencing. Each has the capability to work online and off line and has various subscription options and charges, depending on what you’re looking for. 

So, with so many similarities, what sets the two apart?

The cost – Microsoft 365 v G Suite

G Suite offers users just three paid versions which include different applications and services. While this may be simpler to digest, having just 3 options leaves very little room for personalisation. This basic offering doesn’t take into account the fact that each organisation is unique and will therefore need different features. So, businesses who choose G Suite may find themselves paying more to access the features they need (and ones they don’t). 

Microsoft 365, on the other hand, has a range of different subscription options scaled and personalised to fit with the needs of different sized companies and industries, including suites for education, government and non-profit. What’s more, many Office apps are available on an ‘as and when’ basis, which means you can choose to bolt on the specific apps you need while paying for a lower tier plan. 

Word processing – Word v Google Docs

Word processing is a staple in almost every business across the world, so you need to make sure that whichever service you choose has the best version for your needs. 
Word is perhaps the most used service from Microsoft 365 and for good reason - it simply can’t be beaten on its fantastic range of features and tools. And these aren’t the kind you will never use. Word boasts an excellent set of pre-built templates, from letters and CVs to brochures and invitations, which will ensure your branding is on point, professional and saves you time and money. 

The features on Google Docs meanwhile just can’t compare. For example, it has just 5 different types of report templates, whereas Word has almost 50. Word also has more charts and styles for embedding into documents. 

Spreadsheets – Excel v Google Sheets

Spreadsheets is another crucial application for every organisation and, once again, Microsoft 365’s Excel comes out on top when compared to G Suite’s Google Sheets. While Google Sheets provides real-time collaboration for simple and effective editing and commenting, it has a surprisingly limited number of essential features. For example, Google Sheets has just three different types of budget templates whereas Excel has over 60, each easily editable so you’re guaranteed to find one to suit your needs. 

Email – Outlook v Gmail 

Google Suite’s Gmail has a simpler, less cluttered user interface to Microsoft 365’s Outlook, which means you’ll have a great time navigating through your messages and the email provider’s powerful tools. Having said that, Outlook is ever changing and has made great leaps recently in improving its user experience. 

When it comes to email power tools, Outlook comes out on top once again. It’s focused inbox automatically sorts your messages so you can see and respond to your most important emails first, and its Clean Up feature simplifies long threads so they’re easier to follow. The calendar and contact functions are built in which means they’re well integrated with the email provider, whereas Gmail relies on a separate app for theirs which is both time consuming and confusing to navigate. 

So, which is better?

In our opionion, when you’re looking for a subscription service that can do it all, Microsoft 365 just can’t be beaten. Its range of affordable applications, powerful tools across all its services and integrated email makes it the number one choice for streamlined and efficient businesses.

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